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Hey Christian, you've got a problem, where does it say that in scripture?

Christ was born on the 25th of December.



That He died on Good Friday and was raised on Easter Sunday?


The Sabbath was changed to resurrection day and it's okay to work on it?


The law and christ was nailed to a tree?


That Christians are named in the new covenant?


That you don't have to live as Christ did?


You can touch and eat any unclean meat?


Thats ok to celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Halloween?


That you don't have to be grafted into Israel to be saved?


When do Christians die they go to Heaven?


Once saved always saved?


Baptism is only symbolic? 


The old Testmate is for the Jews?


Christians will be raptured and the Jews will be left behind?


No one can stop practicing sin.

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